Spiritual Work For Women Conceive

You want to get pregnant and can not? You know that pregnancy is the connection of spirit and material life. Yes, pregnancy is part of our reincarnation cycle.

When generating a son is given an opportunity to reincarnate the spirit and evolve spiritually. Therefore, it is clear that reincarnation is an important opportunity for our evolution, is a path to liberation. Pregnancy is the gateway that trip.

The spirit to reincarnate is close to the father and mother so that the energies to harmonize the design.

The spirit, the reincarnate, has a relationship with the family, be it friendship, love or enmity to be allowed the rescue of the spirits and that is why, within the same family, we find brothers so different personality.

When a couple is eager to have children and can not, for not getting pregnant or having a sequence of abortions, it may be that the spirit has to reincarnate any passage that does not support the load being together prospective parents for some unwanted passage in another life.

We can make a 100% Guarantee ritual Women get pregnant and have this child for a new chance to both Guarantee Document.

To make this powerful Spiritual Work, we charge $ 30,000,00 (thousand Reais) as soon as confirmed your deposit in our account, we do the job the same day. If you interesa by this Work and Solve calls you here with us, in case of Urgency please contact the 0xx Phone (34) 9150-2401